Hello there! We are Erica's Embrace Support Services

Erica Williams founded Erica’s Embrace in 2018. This began as a donation service to provide local shelters with Black hair care and beauty products as she noticed through her work within these shelters that there was a need. She has now partnered with Chantelle Kirlew and Mutsa Charamba who are like-minded and dedicated community leaders, to help expand the mission of Erica’s Embrace. With the growth of our team, we have expanded our range of services to include Black Advocacy within the Niagara Region and so much more to come. We aim to serve our community by bridging the gaps. We welcome you to Erica’s Embrace Support Services.

Our Vision

An honest community that is self-reflective and actively engaged and willing to complete the on-going work that is necessary to obtain social justice for oppressed and racialized people.

Our Mission

To provide support for individuals that identify as Caribbean, Black, or African descent in the Niagara Region by providing advocacy and by donating specific hair and beauty care products to various community and social services organizations in Ontario.

Our Values

Our organization values respect, empathy, safety, and overall well- being of Black, African, and Caribbean peoples in Niagara Region and throughout Ontario.

Our Team

Erica Williams



Chantelle Kirlew

Executive Director


Randi Ingersoll

Director and GTA Advocate Support